Tell us what you are doing currently – professionally & personally.

Professionally, we have a construction remodeling company and a car dealership Both are run by me, my wife and two employees. That keeps us busy in the day, on top of house flipping our personal houses. Personally, I have five children under nine - between raising them and trying to travel for free, that’s about it. We are members of District Church and are certified divers.


How did your time at Providence School prepare you for what you are doing today?

Being a student athlete really helped me manage early handling multiple responsibilities at once. Most entrepreneurs don’t get that experience, it’s usually through trial and error.


What is your greatest professional accomplishment thus far?

I would say being recognized by Entrepreneur magazine and CNBC for my success in my first construction company. Was crazy to see myself featured in between Donald Trump and Warren Buffett. (Read more about how Josh leveraged Thumbtack to boost his previous construction business here.)


Share your best Providence memory.

My best memory is senior year beating ACD. For the first time in school history, we beat a nationally-ranked basketball team.


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