Providence Position Statement

Jun 08, 2020

Dear Providence Community,

With sorrowful hearts, we have witnessed the horrific murder of George Floyd which has shined a light on how deep the wound of racism and hatred is in our country. Without question, others have faced a similar tragedy, and we mourn with these families and all families who are or have been victims of racism and violence. We do not accept any justification for the deaths of these individuals and others who have suffered a similar fate.  

Mr. Floyd's murder has created a groundswell of undeniable awareness of the need for reform and understanding in our country and our hearts.  Providence is resolute that all men and women are created both in the image of our God and equal in His eyes. As image-bearers of our Lord, may we seek to do what He would do, which is love first. We believe in the dignity, equality, and respect for all people and the preciousness of each person's life. Providence unequivocally stands against racism, hatred, and violence that is tearing our country apart. Furthermore, we stand united with those who choose to peacefully protest against these acts of racism and violence in our county.   

At Providence, we will focus on celebrating our differences that represent the Providence community. Our differences inspire us to be better than ourselves. Our differences make us stronger collectively.  May we all unite to not accept the unacceptable. May we use our words and actions to love and lift each other up while seeking to build a country where no one will live in fear because of their skin color.  

May our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, bless you and keep you. May HE heal our land through each of us!

Please join me in prayer for peace and healing in our hearts and our country.


Tim M. Anderson, Ph.D.

Head of School

Providence School of Jacksonville

Love God; Love Others (Matthew 22:36-40)

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